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Welcome to USA Volleyball
and the I
owa Region.

The Iowa Region and USA Volleyball work very hard to provide a quality program for Indoor and beach volleyball. The Iowa Region’s goal is to facilitate all the quality programs offered by USA volleyball as well as facilitate the growth of volleyball in Iowa through other organizations when help is requested.

The Iowa Region offers programs ranging from grassroots through High Performance, juniors through adult for both females and males, and education courses for coaches and officials. The Region is dedicated to making these programs as safe and affordable as possible.

I invite you to browse our website to check out our many programs and activities. If you have questions, problems, comments or suggestions feel free to call or contact the Region office and staff. No question is too trivial, so don’t hesitate. The Region staff will assist you in any way possible.


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Iowa Region One Day Tournaments

For the second year the Region Office is running one day tournaments in the Des Moines Area.  If your team is interested in entering our tournaments please contact Brett Myres at

Our Qualifying Events will have TWO Certified Officials for each match, our Gold Events will have one Certified Official for each match.  All of our events will have online schedules and results.


January 20th ($100) - 11/12 Gold, 13 Gold, 14 Gold, 15 Gold

January 21st ($135) - 15 Qualifying, 16 Qualifying, 17 Qualifying

January 28th ($100) - 14 Gold

February 24th ($100) - 13 Gold, 14 Gold, 15/16 Gold

February 25th ($135) - 15 Qualifying, 16 Qualifying, 17/18 Gold, 18 Qualifying

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Thoughts as I retire.

I would like to thank all the Region Staff, people who have worked the various jobs and events with me and the region members. All these wonderful people throughout the years have made this job so fulfilling. You have all become part of my family and part of who I am as a person. You have been loving, giving, discovering, growing and most of all hard working. Each club director and coach has given hours of their time to help young athletes learn volleyball and grow to be the best player and person they can be. I hope I have helped them with this important task. The adult players who have been part of many of my free volleyball related activities have become my friends. I have seen many of these young adults grow up, have kids and then coach their children passing on their love of the sport.

I leave the region with a Strong Staff & Board of Directors and many fine Club Directors.

I hope you support your new Commissioner Brett Myres, as you have always supported me. IOWA is a great Volleyball Region and with your help we will rise to be the power house region for indoor, beach and sitting volleyball in the United States.

Thanks for 24 wonderful years.

Lynne Updegraff, retired Iowa Region Commissioner.

Lynne Updegraff,
Retired Iowa Region Commissioner



Dec. 15, 2017


Lynne Updegraff
Year 1

Year 24