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Day Officials
Day Officials Overview

Day officials are USAV officials who come to tournaments at no cost to the clubs. Their purpose is to aid in the learning process through POSITIVE feedback, the techniques of officiating and keeping score. They will work during pool play with officiating teams giving hints and instructions during timeouts and game interruptions to help coaches and teams improve.

If you are assigned a day official the day official will contact you within a week before your tournament. Please respond and furnish them with start times, directions to your site, and tournament formats. If for any reason you have to cancel your tournament PLEASE contact the day official and Karshon so they can be reassigned.

After your tournament you have any positive/negative feedback about your day official, or something you would like us to see us do or not do, please send that information to Karshon. We are always looking for ways to improve.

Requesting an Official

To request a day official at your tournament please contact Karshon Carlson as soon as you know your tournament is going to be held. You can contact Karshon by e-mail or phone. Please make sure your message states it is requesting a day official.

Karshon will try to get day officials to as many tournaments as possible.


Coordinator Contact Information

Karshon Carlson (Coordinator)

  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Phone:  319-213-4418

Current Day Officials

If an official other than one on this list claims to be a day official, please contact Karshon ASAP!

  • Kayla Cain
  • Andy Chase
  • Belinda Daack
  • Karla Drawbaugh
  • Bob Fessler
  • Julie Fortin
  • Tim Gogulich
  • Dick Jirus
  • Chuck Liston
  • Merlyn McFee
  • Brett Myres
  • Nancy Olberding
  • Ron Romine
  • Sarah Schuster
  • Deb Stanley
  • Dennis South
  • Steve Walz

    Coming soon ...