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Rules & Officials
Officiating News

Congratulations to Paul Davis & Brett Myres on advancing in their officiating careers! Both went to Minneapolis and participated in the a 3 day USAV referee rating sessions which include testing and on-court evaluations.  Paul earned his Junior National Rating and Brett earned his National Rating. If you would like to become a volleyball official for HS, College, or USA please contact Brett Myres at [email protected].

(Brett Myres & Paul Davis)

Officiating Modules for Certification


You will find modules on all facets of officiating volleyball, with new ones added every couple of months.   These modules are written and edited by top USAV National and FIVB International officials and include such information as:  how to properly administer time outs and substitutions, when to whistle a net contact, and professionalism, to name a few.

New Contrasting Uniform Requirement

Beginning in the 2014-15 USAV season, the following verbiage will be 
used in regards to Libero jerseys contrasting with regular team jerseys.

  • As of SEPTEMBER 1, 2014, it is required that either the Libero or their teammates wear a solid color jersey. The solid color jersey must clearly contrast from the predominant color(s) of the teammates' jersey. Predominant colors are those that appear on approximately half of the body of the uniform jersey. 

    To be considered solid colored:
    a. Sleeves must be the same color as the body of the jersey.
    b. Piping/trim not exceeding 1 inch in total at its widest point may be placed along the seams and may be a different color than the 
        uniform jersey.
    c. Lettering and collars can be a different color than the body of the jersey.
    d. Numbers must be a contrasting color and meet all other specifications in Rule 4.3.3 and associated USAV regulations.

Please see the following video on interpretations of this rule (EXTREMELY SUGGESTED)
Then click on Solid-Colored Jersey Rule

Team Jersey Requirements

  • Jersey Numbers for USAV competition must be from 1-99.
    Note 0 and 00 are illegal numbers.
  • Rule USAV - Uniform numbers must be clearly visible and centered (both horizontally and vertically) on the player's chest and upper back.  each jersey must use the same color and number height for all players, except the libero's jersey, which may have different color and size numbers, provided it still meets the minimum criteria stated in USAV
  • Color combinations such as purple/black, dark green/black, navy/black, white/light yellow, or navy/maroon are not distinctive enough to comply with the rules.
  • The number must be a minimum of 10cm (4") in height on the chest and a minimum of 15cm (6") on the back.  It is recommended that the numbers be a minimum of 15cm (6") in height on the chest and a minimum of 20cm (8") on the back.
  • For Nationally sanctioned competition, uniforms must be identical with the exception of sleeve length and the libero players.  An exception will also be made for a single manufacturer's logo or trademark on the outside of the jerseys or shorts, provided that the logo or trademark does not exceed 14.6 square cm(2 1/4 square inches)
  • Jerseys may have sponsor names but the numbers must be visible and no alcohol or tobacco related advertising, or inappropriate sponsors or language is allowed. Please check if you think the sponsor or name may be inappropriate for a junior’s uniform before printing.
  • Player’s names may be printed on the back of the jerseys.



Team Officiating Req. for Junior Teams

Ages 15U and younger -

  • Two Certified USA Adult members must be taking an active part in the officiating team.  One adult must be the R1, R2, or standing beneath the ref stand.  That person MUST have a whistle at the ready to make any calls the junior official does not.  The other adult must be at the score table doing ONE of the three duties (Scorer, Asst. Scorer, or Visual Scorer)
  • If you are at a tournament where an R1 is provided, there still must be an Adult at the score table.

Ages 16U and older

  • One Certified USA Adult member must be taking an active part in ONE of the 5 officiating duties (R1, R2, Scorer, Asst. Scorer, or Visual Scorer)
  • If you are at a tournament where an R1 is provided an Adult from the team must still be taking an active part in the Officiating Crew.


Officiating and Scoring Reminders

Remember that for JUNIOR competition the COACH signs the scoresheet, and for adult competition, the captain signs the score sheet.  The scoresheet indicates that the captain does it, but when you watch the scorekeeping clinic or look at page 143 of your rule book, you will see that there is an exception for junior competition.


  • USAV in conjunction with our insurance company have issued a new rules that "Shared Warm-up" are not to be used. When a team has the court the other team can not be doing ball handling.
  • An Adult must be R1 for all playoff matches.
  • At junior events 15U and younger a registered, background screen certified Adult scorer must be at the scoring table as either the Scorer or the Libero Tracker. For 16u, 17u, and 18u competitions  a registered, background screen certified Adult scorer/referee must be the R2 for pool play matches and an addition adult must be an R1 for the playoff matches.
  • Parents may not be on the court during warm ups to retrieve the volleyballs unless they are USAV member and have had a background check.


  • No Cell Phones or I-Pods should be used at the scorekeeping table after the match has started.
  • No food should be eaten at the scorekeeping table after the match has started.
  • Capped water bottles will be allowed at the scorekeeping table.
  • Only USAV members are allowed at the scorekeeping table. For 15u and younger competitions either the Scorer or the Assistant Scorer must be a certified, background screened Adult member (corrected from 16u 2/9/15; changed in fall '14, but not updated here).
    • Certified/ trained Scorer
    • Certified/ trained Assistant Scorer
    • Trained visual score board operator
    • On Junior Courts an adult may be present, but they must be a USAV member and have a current USAV backgound check.

12U and Under Special Rules

  1. Will use a lighter ball; 7-8 oz (regular is 9-10 oz).
  2. Can use "step-in" (service line is 6'6" into the court) serving for Iowa Region tournaments below the Qualifying Division.
  3. 11s/12s net height is 7'; 10s and younger net height is 6'6".
  4. 12s team cannot be combined with older age teams at tournaments unless they use those rules (can't use 12s rules).
  5. 14s and under age teams are allowed to have a second toss per each service attempt. The tossed or released ball must land without being touched by the server before a new service authorization can be granted. Each service attempt must happen within 5 seconds of the referee's whistle.