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Iowa Volleyball Region
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the name of the pro league, and who sanctions it?

A. The pro league will be called the Premier Volleyball League (PVL), and will be sanctioned by USA Volleyball.

Q: Who is managing the league?
A: Several experienced volleyball leaders will manage the formation of the league:

  1. Tom Pingel (USAV) - League Commissioner
  2. Steve Bishop (Florida Region) - Assistant Commissioner/Regional Liaison
  3. Tina Carter (Iowa Region) - Regional Liaison

Q: Is the league for men or women?
A: In 2012 we began the league with a women's division. Then in 2014 we added the Icemen men's PVL team to the Iowa Region.

Q: What are the league rules?
A: The PVL has basic rules for athletes:

  1. No high school students.
  2. No current college athletes.
  3. Athletes must be a member of the Region where they play.

(Note: Rules #1 & #2 are due to eligibility issues associated with an athlete maintaining their amateur status.)

A: There are also additional rules for teams:

  1. No international transfers (from other volleyball Federations).
  2. USAV members who are only coaching in another region may play with the Iowa Region team.
  3. Rule of 2 - limit of 2 athletes who play in another region. Any out-of-region athletes must be approved by both Regional leaders and the out-of-region athletes cannot be from an RVA with a PVL team.
  4. The host region may enter two teams into the PVL Championships when they take place within their respective RVA.

Q: What teams will make up the Premier League?
A: The following teams have committed a team for 2013 PVL season:

  • Arizona Sizzle (w & m)
  • Carolina Flight (w)
  • Chesapeake Rising Tide (w & m)
  • Team GEVA from Garden Empire (w & m)
  • Northern California Dream Team (w)
  • Norcal Premier (m)
  • Puget Sound Premier Volleyball Team (w)
  • Badger Blizzards (w)
  • Team Evergreen (w)
  • Team Iowa Ice (w) and Iowa Icemen (m)
  • Great Lakes Swing Away (w & m)
  • Great Plains Tornados (w)
  • Heart of America Havoc (w)
  • Hoosier Exterminators (w)
  • Team Pineapple (m)
  • Iroquois Empire Team IE (m)
  • Keystone Region Penn Blast (m)
  • Team Florida WAVE (w & m)
  • Team New England (w & m)
  • Western Empire (w)

Q: Will the league have geographical divisions?
A: Yes, once the league reaches a certain size the USA will be divided into three divisions: West, Central, and East.

Q: Will there be any prize money for the events?
A: Yes, USA Volleyball has committed to providing $20K-$25K in prize money for the PVL Championships.

Q: Does the league have a website?
A: Yes, the website is

Q: Who can tryout?
A: Any athlete who is a member of the Iowa Region and is not in high school or a current college athlete. (Note: post high school athletes who are considering college should not tryout for a pro team, as that could negatively impact their amateur status and college eligibility).

Q: Will my college eligibility be negatively impacted if I tryout and do not make the team?
A: You should check with the compliance officer at your college to detemine if this will impact your eligibility.

Q: Who is Team Iowa Ice looking for?
A: Someone who is:

  1. An Iowa Native
  2. Someone who played at an Iowa college or university
  3. Someone who is currently an Iowa Region member or is willing to become an Iowa Region member.

Q: How many players will be selected?
A: Team Iowa Ice will select up to 16 athletes for the official team roster and will travel to events with 10-12 athletes.

Q: How will expenses for athletes be handled?
A: The Iowa Region will cover the following expenses for athletes and coaches:

  1. Uniforms
  2. Lodging for competition
  3. Airfare for competition

Q: Will the athletes be paid?
A: 50% of all prize money will be split among the athletes competing in that prize money event.

Q: When will the team practice?

Q: How can I support the team if I am not a player or coach?
A: PVL fans can support the league by making a donation to their favorite team, or directly to the PVL. PVL gear will be available for purchase when the PVL website is completed. In addition, fans can cheer for their favorite team in 2012 at the USAV Adult Opens.