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Ia Region Endorses a PVL Men’s team.

The Iowa Region was approached to endorse a Men’s PVL team. The team is being formed from former Great Lakes region players who have joined the Iowa Region. The team will be coached by Donan Cruz the Men’s Volleyball Coach at Grand View University. The team will be called Iowa Icemen. This team will play during the season in tournaments in the Midwest.

Players for the PVA team participating at USAV Open National Championships will be composed of players now on the team, D1 players, players playing overseas leagues and players that apply for the team. Those players who would like to be part of this team should apply online and will be contacted by Donan Cruz and Tim Fulknor. All members of the PVL team will need to be Iowa Region members. The Iowa Region is not able to fund the team so the team is doing fundraising and all costs will be paid for by the team members.

Although this team will not consist of players that all live in Iowa, the team offers those great players we have in the region a chance to compete for us at the highest level available. The Iowa Icemen team in return for the endorsement will be sending pictures, articles and helping at a boy’s event in the Iowa Region. The hope is that a strong Men’s program at the Top level will help advance the already growing grassroots boy’s level. 

For a chance to be a participant on the Icemen PVL team please visit out "Tryout" tab and read through the Iowa Icemen Application Process.

Junior Regionals 2014 PVL Match

Iowa Ice versus Team Havoc - CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

2014 PVL Playing Schedule
  • March 22- Iowa Region Junior Regional Tournament - Des Moines Area
  • April 5- Show Me Qualifier - Missouri
  • May 17- PVL warm-up Tournament
  • May 18- Ice Fundraiser Clinic
  • May 24-28- National tournament - Phoenix, AZ.   Follow the action!  PVL Home page.
    Playing schedule and results are found in Advanced Event System under 2014 USAV Open National.  CLICK HERE   
    USAV also has a landing page devoted to the OPEN action..and you can find links to livestream action here as well: CLICK HERE


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Iowa Icemen Storm Windy City Open


Iowa Region's Men's PVL team Iowa Icemen stormed the Save Windy City Open last weekend at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Iowa Ice Hot Shots