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We are pleased to announce the beginning phase of our new VolleyTots and VolleyKids region-wide clinics!
VolleyKids clinics are a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful sport of volleyball! Our clinicians are passionate about the sport and look forward to the opportunity to share that excitement with your child!
VolleyKids has a focus on motor learning skills, as well as basic volleyball form. Our volleyball skills are taught with terminology even our youngest campers can understand and with age appropriate equipment and volleyballs.
Your child will leave with a base knowledge to help them grow in the sport for years to come!
Most VolleyKids clinics are 2 consecutive days—such as a Friday evening and then again on Saturday morning. Clinic fees are accepted online, and because these are sanctioned events, each participant must also have a current USAV membership.
We are in the process of creating the full VolleyKids clinic schedule.                                                    
To book a clinic in your area, contact:  
Michelle Goodall in the Iowa Region Office: 
[email protected]
or contact lead VolleyKids clinician, Mike Ducey:  [email protected]  
For specific information on our next sanctioned clinic, please follow this link:
Tell me and I forget.
Show me and I remember.
Involve me and I understand.
--Chinese proverb