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For Club Directors
For Juniors
Tryout Policy Overview

Remember that the IA Girl's HS Athletic Union does not allow high school players to attend a club volleyball tryout while their high school is still "in season" (competing in state regionals or the state tournament), and that individual school boards can set stricter standards.  In support of IGHSAU regulations and to help protect high school athlete eligibility, the Iowa Region will not sanction club tryouts that take place while an athlete's high school is still in season.

1. A club or team may offer a player a position in their club or team at anytime.

  • Coaches or club directors may not force players to give a verbal commitment before the commitment dates listed below.
  • Only a signed Commitment letter will be accepted as proof of commitment

2. Players who are invited to play on a team may sign a commitment letter at anytime. 

  • A player cannot attend any other club's tryouts after signing a commitment letter.
  • A player is committed to the team/club they signed with for the entire season.
  • If a player receives more than one commitment letter, they should inform non-selected clubs within 24 hours of final acceptance.

3. Commitment Dates

Offer Period for 15U and older. 

  • A club cannot force a player 15u and older to make a commitment until 4pm on the Wednesday following the State of Iowa Girl's High School Volleyball Tournament.
  • For tryouts that occur after that date, a player has until 4pm on the Wednesday following the tryout to accept or decline the offer.
  • The club must hold a position offered to a player until the above deadlines.
Offer Period for 14u and younger.
  • A club cannot force a player 14u and younger to make a commitment until 4pm on the Wednesday following the first Sunday in November.
  • For tryouts that occur after that date, a player has until 4pm on the Wednesday following the tryout to accept or decline the offer.

4. Player Violation of Tryout Policies

Common Violations:

  • Signing more than one (1) Letter of Commitment
  • Backing out of a commitment, or attending another tryout
  • Falsification of a Letter of Commitment, including the date
  • Player Penalty: all the listed violations result in suspension for the entire season.
5.  Coach or Club Director Violations of Tryout Policies
Common Violations:
  • Forcing Commitment--forcing a player to give a verbal or written commitment before the dates listed above.
  • Not holding position--coach or club director not holding an offered position until the above listed dates

Club Penalties:

  • Release all team members for that particular team.  These players will then have the option to play or tyout for other teams.
  • Qualifier Restrictions: Furthermore, the team or age division in which the violation occurred will not be allowed to play in any Qualifying even in the Iowa Region or Nationally.
  • Out of Region Events: the team is also banned from out-of-region event sheld after the Iowa Regionals.
Preparations Before Tryouts

Every person trying out for a club team, as well as all staff working at a tryout, must have a current USA Volleyball Membership.  For membership option and to sign up for a membership, please visit our registration page.

13/14 memberships won't lapse until 10/31. Current 13/14 members will be able to attend tryouts through 10/31 without renewing. New or lapsed members will be able to register after September 1st once registration is turned on. If doing tryouts use one of the options described below.

2014/15 Registration will begin after September 1st.


When signing up to attend tryouts, you can choose the Oct/Nov Tryout membership at $15 (limited to 5 dates between 10/8 and 11/26), a One Day membership at $10 (may attend multiple tryouts on that date) or a full membership. (No refunds are given if the full membership is used and player isn't selected for any club.) Full membership fee explanations will be posted soon on the Iowa Region Membership Fees page. Both the Oct/Nov Tryout and One Day memberships are upgradeable to a full membership by paying the remaining fee. If the $10 one day membership is used multiple times, only $10 goes towards upgrade to full member. 

  • 2013-14 Iowa Region Membership Fees (14-15 coming soon)
  • You can choose "Undecided" as your club prior to tryouts, and then update that to your currect club after you make a team.
  • You should print out your membership card or confirmation page showing membership is Pending (one day members' card won't be printable until date of participation) and take a copy to your tryouts to prove that you have a current membership. Take a copy of your Medical Release to each tryout also.
  • Junior Medical Release Form without Notary
     *used by Iowa Region
  • Contact the club you are trying out for to see if they have any additional requirements.
2014-2015 TRYOUT DATES

The junior teams' Tryout season generally begins in mid October for our Middle School/Jr. High and younger age divisions, and late October for most HS athletes, and after the HS Championships for those athletes who are participaing on State-bound varsity volleyball teams.

Tryouts are posted for each club as soon as the new tryout applications are received. 

Tryouts by Area - None Yet, 8/14/14

 After A Tryout
  • Those that used the $15 Oct/Nov Tryout membership need to upgrade to the correct full membership before participating in practices or events. Login as a Returning Member and renew your membership ($15 applies to full fee). You will be able to select your club as you upgrade.
  • If you used a $10 One Day membership for tryouts, you can use the one membership unlimited times or upgrade to a full membership once a club has been chosen. If used for multiple dates only $10 applies to upgrade. Login as a Returning Member and renew your membership. You will be able to select your club as you upgrade to a full member.
  • 11 & younger members upgrading to a full membership should use the upgrade to 11 & younger even if only playing in a league. It is the same fee & the player is allowed to play in tournaments if the opportunity would present. 11 & younger players are allowed to play at an older age level.
  • If you registered with a full membership but selected "Undecided" as your club, you can login and select the club that you will be playing with. After logging into your membership, click on "My Information", choose the correct club from the drop down list, and then click the "Edit Contact" button at the bottom of the screen.