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Important Tournament Registration Info


TUTORIAL - We have put together a tutorial about how to sign up for a tournament. It is located on YouTube using this link or click on the image below.


Online Tournament Calendar & Registration 

To view the Jr Tournament Schedule/Calendar

& enter junior tournaments, go to:

Important Dates for the 2013/14 season:

  • WEDNESDAY, NOV. 20, 2013:  Sanction forms must be submitted (online) by 5pm to guarantee the tournament will be on the initial tournament calendar.
  • MONDAY, DEC. 2, 2013, at 12n: Tournament Directors may begin manually entering their own teams into their tournaments.  We will not be "saving" any spots this year; it is the tournament directors responsibility to manually enter their own teams into their tournaments.  You may manually enter up to 50% of your open spots prior to the initial registration day.
  • SATURDAY, DEC. 7, 2013:  Tournament sign-up day.  We will have sign-up beginning in waves--once an age group opens for entry, it will remain open.  The time refers to the age group offered by the tournament.
    • 8 am: 12u and younger
    • 8:30 am: 13u and 14u
    • 9 am: 15u and 16u
    • 9:30 am: 17u and 18u

How to get your tournament on the calendar:

  • Fill out the online Tournament Sanction Form
  • Tournaments will be added to the online calendar as we receive them, and can be viewed at 

How to enter your team into a tournament:

Definitions of Power, Gold, and Silver?

National Events

Iowa Junior Regionals Tournament Info

Multi-Day Tournaments

If you are running a multi-day tournament, and want to get it on the USA Volleyball National calendar, follow these guidelines:

The USAV Events Department is preparing the 2014 Multi-Day Junior Tournament Schedule. The following format and procedures will be required in order for your event to be posted on the USAV website this coming junior season:

  1. The event must be a multiple day competition for each age division(s) being offered (one age division on Saturday and a different age division on Sunday is NOT considered a multiple day event).
  2. Proof of regional sanction (Sanction # or email from region office).
  3. Complete results posted preferably on a direct URL to your web site or in an excel document e-mailed to the Events Department ([email protected]).
  4. Tournament information listed in the following sequence:
  • Name of Event
  • Dates
  • Gender
  • Division(s) offered
  • Location – City, State and Region
  • Contact Person or program
  • Phone/Fax/Cell (all if being used)
  • E-mail address
  • Website link

Only USAV regionally sanctioned events will be posted. Please send your events to me by Monday, November 25th for posting ([email protected]).

Post-Tournament Information

You can now view tournament results, team points, and team season reports on our website!  To look up results by tournament or by team, click on the link below.

Tournament Results Area

Please note that tournament directors enter the results from their tournaments, so results may not immediatly be available online.  In addition, total points are updated each day at midnight.

Tournament Director Handbook

It is our goal for all volleyball tournaments in the Iowa Region to be successful and well organized. Good organization before the tournament can prevent many problems the day of the event. Effective planning can enhance your enjoyment, as well as the participants enjoyment of the event. Well run tournaments lead to the continued success of volleyball in the Iowa Region.

Tournament Director Handbook (PDF)

Tournament Director Essentials
NEW Late Spring Tournament Season

The Iowa Region has observed that some teams that form later in the club season (because they form late, or because they are smaller school teams that wait until after the high school basketball season finishes to begin club) can have difficulties finding enough tournaments to play in. In addition, teams that find themselves needing to add one more tournament due to cancellations or conflicting schedules often find there are few tournaments available late in the season. To help with this issue, the Iowa Region is adding in a late spring season. Here is how it works:

  • Players involved only in the late spring season will have a reduced USAV membership fee that will be valid through the end of the summer. (Players with full memberships may also compete in late spring events).
  • Tournament directors running tournaments for the late spring season must turn in sanction forms by 5pm on Feb. 5, 2014. They can run single day tournaments, or could do a league aimed toward teams that form late in the season. Directors for late spring tournaments can manually enter their own teams beginning on Feb. 12, 2014.
  • Teams may begin signing up online for the late spring season on Feb. 15, 2014. There will be a separate tab on just for the late spring season, and the sign-up process will be the same as for all other tournaments.
  • Late spring tournament play may begin on March 1, 2014. Late spring tournaments and leagues may continue through March, April, May, or later.

To get your tournament added to the late spring season, CLICK HERE to go to the online Late Spring Tournament Sanction Form. 

Iowa Region Tournament Levels

Tournaments in the Iowa Region are one of three levels:

  • Power: teams attempting to qualify for Nationals & teams of that caliber.  Age teams only.
  • Gold: Combined gold and silver level teams.  Age or grade teams.
  • Silver: Beginning or developmental level teams. Age or grade teams.

Note that the tournaments are classified by level, but teams themselves are not ranked as Gold or Silver.  Teams may self-select which tournaments they play in (as long as they meet the age/grade criteria).  The Power/Gold/Silver classifications are a method of helping teams find tournament in which they can compete against teams at their same approximate level.


If you did not fill your schedule or get into all the tournaments you wanted on Dec. 7, please do not despair!  Spots will continue to open and more tournaments will be added.

Every Monday during the tournament season an email with current openings will be sent out.

If you are directing a tournament and have openings, please email Brett ([email protected]) with the date, age group, and number of openings.  Please type it EXACTLY how you want it on the email.


Note: Teams should not drop from a tournament to enter another tournament on the same date.

If you need to drop from a tournament, fill out this form

Tournament Drop Request

AND email the tournament director with the following information:

  • Team Name
  • ID number (6-digit registration ID number)
  • Tournament Date
  • Tournament City
  • Tournament Age group
  • Tournament Director

Tournament refunds may come from the Tournament Director, if they find a replacement team.  Any Sanction Fee refunds ($10 of the entry fee) for online registration will come from Iowa Region Volleyball. The processing fee is not refundable.