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Nat. Events
2015 Jr Qualifying Regionals Results

Here is a link to the results for the teams that competed at Wknd 1 - Qualifying Regionals.

The Region wants to thank all the players, coaches, staff and parents involved with the teams that attended. All their hard work resulted in some marvelous play and some great results.

Bid Winners as of 4/9/15:

12s Attack 121 National  
  CIS 12M American  
  Rapid Spikers 12 Black American  
13s Six Pack 13 National  
  Iowa Rockets 13 Black American  
14s Six Pack 14 National  
  Iowa Rockets 14R American  
15s CIA 15 Black National  
  All Iowa Attack 15 Red American  
16s Iowa Rockets 16R National  
  CIA 16 Black American  
  All Iowa Attack 16 Red Open* Windy City
17s IPVA 17 Black National  
  CIA 17 Black American  
  Iowa Rockets 17R USA  Crossroads
18s All Iowa Attack 18 Red National  
  Six Pack 18 American  
  CIA 18 Black Open* Show Me
  IPVA 18 Black American* Show Me
14s Johnston 14u Boys Open  

*Show Me and Windy City bids still need to be accepted by teams. 

National Qualifiers

Teams wanting to compete at the USA Volleyball Girl's Junior National Championships (GJNC) have the opportunity to qualify two different ways.  They can attend one of the National Qualifiers, or they can earn a bid at the Iowa Junior Regional Tournament.

National Qualifiers

The 2014-15 Qualifiers Schedule is available on the USA Volleyball website. CLICK HERE for more information.

  • Note: at the Northern Lights Qualifier in Minneapolis there is NOT a separate division for teams not trying to earn a bid to GJNC.  This means that all players must meet age qualifications, and Iowa Region waivers will not be accepted (teams must play to their oldest player's level).

Iowa Junior Regionals Bids

The number of bids available at the Iowa Junior Regionals is based on 2013/14 membership data.

Bid Reallocation Information

Please follow THIS LINK for more information on Bid Reallocation.   

2015 Nationals Bids (Updated 11/19/14)

Due to the addition of a Qualifier, the Iowa Region was notified that we have lost an American bid
for the 2015 season in the 13U-18U divisions.  
We are first in line for the 13-18U American re-allocation and 2nd in line for the 13-18U National re-allocation.  

The 2015 bids are as follows. 

The totals are reflect in the table below ...


Age Group (2015)

Iowa Region Bids (2015)

Change from 2014

12U 1 National  
  2 American  
13U 1 National -1 American
  1 American  
14U 1 National -1 American
  1 American  
15U 1 National -1 American
  1 American  
16U 1 National -1 American
  1 American  
17U 1 National -1 American
  1 American  
18U 1 National -1 American
  1 American  


Stay & Play

Most Qualifiers and National Events have a Stay & Play Policy per a contract between USA Volleyball and THS.  Teams competing in the events must follow the Stay & Play guidelines for hotels.

National Championship Information

Division and Team Registration schedules are available for the 2014 Girl's JNC.  Click Here for more information.

Girls National Championships:

  • 2015   New Orleans, LA   June 23 - July 2
  • 2016   Indianapolis, IN   June 24 - July 3

Boys National Championships:

  • 2015   Columbus, OH   June 28 - July 5
  • 2016   Dallas, TX         June 29 - July 6

Fun Facts about the Junior National Championships  (2013)

Stay & Play FAQ  (2013/14)

Girl's Junior National Championships

For more information and access to the Girl's Junior National Championship Tournament Manual, CLICK HERE to go to the USA Volleyball National Tournament pages.

USA Volleyball added new divisions in 2013 for Girl's Junior National Championships (GJNC), expanding the number of teams able to compete and increasing the excitement and competitiveness of the event.

The overview of the Championship Divisions:

  • OPEN – 32 teams; all from National Qualifiers (NQ); 24 teams for 13s. Generally regarded as the most competitive teams from a geographic area that tend to travel outside of their area of the country. 
  • NATIONAL – Still 48 teams, but all 48 bids will be awarded to Regions based on 2013 registration numbers. There will be no National Division at the NQs. Generally considered the top teams in the Region that don’t obtain an Open bid.
  • USA (formerly the National Division at NQs) – New division in 2013 and will be a 24-team field with all 24 bids being awarded at NQs. Generally targeted for teams striving to become amongst the top teams nationally and regionally.
  • AMERICAN – 48 teams from Regions and NQs. Generally targeted for teams that are competitive Regionally and typically don’t travel far from their geographic area of the country.
  • PATRIOT – New to Championship  in 2013 and will field 24 teams for 11u, 64 teams for 14u, 15u & 16u, 32 teams for 17u. Access to this Championship will be strictly based on date of entry. Teams do not need to qualify to participate in this Championship. Should a team entered in this Championship later qualifier for a higher tournament, their entry and fee will be transferred to the higher tournament. This tournament will only be offered in 17s-14s and 11s. Generally targeted for teams looking to finish their season at the GJNC without waiting to see if they will obtain a bid in the higher Divisions.

Unaccepted bids will be subject to the same sanction as in the past, as specified in the Championship Manual.

All Championships within an age group (ie. Open, National, USA, American, and Patriot where applicable) will be contested on the same days all at the Minneapolis Convention Center. This will allow teams to plan in advance to play during that time frame and in that city before the club season begins. They simply won’t know the exact Championship Division for which they may qualify.

11-&-UNDER Championship

Per the recommendation of the Junior Assembly, USAV added a 24-team Patriot Division Championship for an 11-and-under age group that started at the 2013 GJNC. This will be a 3-day Championship.

Stay to Play

While all National Championship and Divisions will again be subject to USAV’s Stay to Play policy, THS and USAV will be meeting to work on refining the process. An update on any changes to procedures will be communicated in October, if not sooner.

The Qualification Process

  • OPEN – 32 teams, 24 teams in 13s, with all bids being awarded at NQs or through the At-Large process. A team winning an Open bid must accept that bid over any other level of GJNC bid. Any unallocated Open Bids will again be awarded through the At-Large process.
  • NATIONAL – 48 teams with all bids being awarded through the Regions. Each Region will receive 1-2 bids depending upon enrollment from the previous year. Unused bids will be reallocated to Regions. For the 12 & under age division only, Natonal bids will also be distributed at National Qualifiers. Should a team winning a National bid have previously or later win or be awarded an Open bid, it must accept the Open bid. The National bid returns to the Region for re-distribution.
  • USA – 24 teams with all bids being awarded through the NQs. Each NQ will receive at least 1 USA bid, provided it has at least 8 teams entered in the tournament. All 24 teams will be awarded at NQs through direct award or trickle down; or through an At-Large process. Should a team winning an USA bid have previously or later win or be awarded an Open or National bid, it must accept the bid to the highest Championship. If the team had previously won a USA bid or higher, the USA bid will trickle down at that NQ. If the team later wins or is awarded an Open or National bid, the USA bid will revert back to the NQ where it was obtained for reallocation to a level no lower than the trickle down would allow. If the USA bid can’t be reallocated through this trickle down process, it will go to the team’s home Region for distribution.
  • AMERICAN – 48 teams with bids being awarded to the Regions based on the same system of allocation and re-allocation as in the past, and at NQs.  One American bid will be available with a minimum of 8 teams entered in the tournament.
  • PATRIOT – All spots in these tournaments will be available on a date-of-entry basis. No bids will be awarded at either NQs or Regions and, therefore, will not require acceptance.

More specific descriptions of the GJNC Divisions and the Qualification process can be found in the  Championship Manual that will be posted to the USAV website JNC page in the upcoming weeks.