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HP Tryouts

GSEL -- Born in 2000, 2001, or later;  GYNT -- Born in 1998 & 1999;  WJNT -- Born in 1995, 1996 & 1997

2015 Tryout Schedule

Participants pay a one-time tryout fee, and may attend as many tryouts as desired.  Players receive a tryout shirt at the first tryout they attend, and must wear the same shirt and CHECK-IN at all subsequent tryouts.


*Note for Future Select age players (born in 2002 or later): You attend the same tryout as the GSEL, and are trying out for a spot in the regular GSEL division at Iowa HP Camp.  After we select the GSEL players for camp, we will look at the Future Select age players that did not make the regular camp, and choose from those for spots at the one-day Future Select camp. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015 in Council Bluffs
Site: Lewis Central HS
3504 Harry Langdon Blvd., Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Check in: 2-2:45pm
Tryout: 3-5pm
Girls & Boys

Sunday, March 15, 2015 in Cedar Rapids Area
Site: TBA
Check in: 2-2:45pm
Tryout: 3-5pm
Girls & Boys

Friday, March 27, 2015 in Cedar Falls

Site: UNI Wellness Recreation Center
2301 Hudson Road, Cedar Falls, IA
Check in: 6-6:45pm
Tryout: 7-9pm
Girls & Boys

Friday, April 10, 2015 in Des Moines

Site:  Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds
3000 East Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50317
Fairgrounds Map
Check in: 6:00-6:45pm
Tryout: 7:00-9:00pm
Girls & Boys

Sunday, April 19, 2015 in Quad Cities
Site:  TBA
Check in:   TBA
Tryout times:   TBA
Girls & Boys 



USAV National HP Tryouts

 Click here for the USA HP Site - USAV Web Site - HP Section

Wanted: Coaches to Work at HP Tryouts

Are you an adult willing to help out at one or more of our HP tryouts?  We are always looking for coaches to help on court to run drills, toss balls, etc.  Please fill out this form if you want to help out!

 Sunday Feb 22-Council Bluffs
 Sunday March 15-Cedar Rapids
 Friday March 27-Cedar Falls
 Friday April 10-Des Moines
 Sunday April 19- Quad Cities
 Check in
 Court Coach to run drills

What We're Looking At During Tryouts

What are we looking at when we are evaluating you at tryouts?

  • Middle Hitters: We watch their range and armspeed when they attack.  We look at their height and athleticism, both vertically and side to side.  We look at their positional IQ and how they are able to transition on both offense and their blocking.  For middles, it is not always important that we look at the result (did they get a kill or a block), but at WHAT they did well (did they close the block or are they able to get a good hit out of transition).
  • Outside Hitters: We are looking at their ability to terminate any set whether they are in system or out of system; do they have good ball control and a live or fast arm swing.  Also looking for overall ball control as a primary passer/defender.  It is important to look at the overall game of the outside hitter as a six rotation player.
  • Setter: We evaluate the location, tempo, and consistency of the sets, in addition to the player's ability to play the game and make good decision on where to set the ball as well as leadership on the court.  The player's ability to get their feet to the ball and be balanced is viewed and evaluated separately from pure athleticism.
  • Libero: We watch ball control on serve receive and defense, while also factoring in hitter coverage.  We look at their ability to set the second ball when out of system, and also their leadership and communication in controlling the court.

High Performance Tryout Results

High Performance tryouts are complete and the results and camp invites will be posted on the High Performance Individual Camp page when ready.   GSEL, GYNT, and WJNT divisions have been posted.   BOYS and Future SEL divisions will be posted sometime before end of day Friday 4/18.  We will post updates there as well.   Follow THIS LINK to directly go to this page.   Lists will be added at the bottom of the right-side column.    More soon!


2015 Tryout Registration Process

  • BOYS, GYNT, GSEL are trying out for a spot at the HP Individual Camp (June 11-14 at Simpson College, Indianola)
  • Future Select (born in 2002 or later) tryout for a spot at the regular GSEL camp.  "Futues" not selected for the GSEL camp, are then considered for the one-day (June 13) Future Select camp.
  • WJNT are trying out for a spot on the travel team for HP Championships.  Players who make the team will attend a shortened HP Camp in June. 

For a discounted rate ($25 vs. walk up rate of $35) you can pre-register for tryouts and pay your tryout fee online. You only need to register once, and can attend as many of the tryouts as you want to. You will be given a tryout shirt at the first tryout you attend, and must wear the same shirt and check-in at every tryout you attend.

  • Tryout Fee for Online Registration is $25 for girls.  Boys tryout for free.
  • Instructions for Registering for HP tryouts online
  • Medical Release (required for all participants)
  • NOTE: When registering online, you must log in and register as the person who is trying out.  If as a parent you log in under your own membership, it will either register you for the tryout, or will change your membership id to your daughter's name.
  • Please complete your online registration 24 hours before the first tryout you plan to attend.
  • You do NOT need to turn in a paper tryout form if you register online.
  • You DO need to turn in a medical release form at the first tryout you attend.
  • After you finish your online registration, you will receive a prompt to fill out a form online. Please quickly fill this out so we can have a better idea of how many people to expect at each tryout.

Players may send in a paper registration form, and walk-ins are always welcome at tryouts.

Emailing the tryout form in is NOT considered online registration. To register online, please read and follow the instructions above.

HP tryout participants must have a current USAV membership. If you are playing on a USAV club team, you have a current membership. Non-members have 2 membership options for HP Tryouts:

  1. $10 Tryout Membership (good for one tryout only, can be used multiple times, and can be upgraded to a full membership for an additional $40)
  2. $50 Full membership

All players who are chosen to attend the HP Camp or to compete on an HP travel team must be full members.


What to Bring to Tryouts

  • If possible, register and pay in advance ($25) through the online HP Tryout registration process.
  • Bring a completed medical release form (if you have not already turned one in). If we do not have a medical release for you signed by a parent, you will not be able to take part in HP tryouts.
  • If you are registering at the door, bring the tryout application form, including the medical release, and your $35 fee (cash or check).  
  • We will give you a shirt and a number to wear for tryouts.  You wear your own shorts, shoes, kneepads, etc.  If you attend more than one tryout, you must wear your shirt and the same number to every tryout.
  • Everyone must check-in at every tryout they attend.

What to Expect at Tryouts

    • The Iowa HP programs works hard to keep the tryout as neutral and unbiased as possible.  Please don’t feel bad if your club coach or high school coach doesn’t spend a lot of time talking to you as we do not want to give the impression that we are favoring one person over another. Our goal is to choose the best players according to their performance at the Iowa HP tryout. If you feel that you did not perform to your best potential at a tryout, you can attend as many additional HP tryouts as you desire for no additional cost.
    • After check in, there will be fitness testing, including height and reach, and vertical jump testing.
    • On the court, players will be mostly divided by age group, and sometimes split by position.
    • Players will go through a series of drills that demonstrate their proficiency in ball handling, ability to communicate and lead on the court, and their skill in the positions they play. Players will also compete in game-like situations.
    • Evaluators rate players according to the criteria used by USA Volleyball to choose a High Performance athlete.
    • From tryouts, 35-50 players in each age division will be selected to attend the Iowa HP Camp in June. At that camp, 8-10 players in each division will be selected for each travel team, and will compete at the USAV HP Championships in July!