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High Perf (HP)

2014 High Performance Tryout Results

High Performance tryouts are complete and the results and camp invites will be posted on the High Performance Individual Camp page when ready. GSEL, GYNT, and WJNT divisions have been posted. BOYS and Future-SEL divisions will be posted sometime before end of day Friday 4/18. We will post updates there as well. Follow THIS LINK to directly go to this page. Lists will be added at the bottom of the right-side column.


HUGE thank you to our High Performance soft line sponsor -- GTM Sportswear!

HP Alumni Survey

Are you or is someone you know participate in the Iowa High Performance program to some degree while in middle school or high school?  We at the Iowa Region are attempting to generate data from our High Performance Alumni who participated in camp and/or were a member of the traveling team.  We would like to determine the effect of High Performance on the Iowa Region athlete's that participate in our program.  Thus, we ask that if you or someone you know has participated in the HP Program, is 18 years or older, and is completely finished in our HP program that they take a few minutes to fill out our Alumni Survey.

Click here to access the survey.

2014 Age Groups

Women's Junior National Team (WJNT)
(WJNT) born in 1995, 1996 & 1997

Girls Youth National Team
(GYNT) born in 1998 & 1999

Girls Select
(GSEL) born in 2000 & 2001 & later

Future Select: 
born in 2002 or later (tryout as part of GSEL) 

All ages welcome.  Teams will be 14u and 18u.
All players 14u and younger will be eligible for 14u team.  All players 15u-18u are eligible for the 18u team. 

For tryout information, click here or at the "HP Tryouts" link at the top of the page!

What is High Performance?

Iowa HP is committed to select, develop, and help support athletes who will represent the Iowa Region at competitions with the ultimate objective of winning medals at the USAV National High Performance Championships and other national and international competitions.

To take part in Iowa High Performance, you must be a member of the Iowa Region, or live in Iowa or go to school in Iowa and participate in HP Tryouts.

Our Iowa HP experience is 3-tier and includes: tryouts, Iowa HP Individual Camp, and representation at the USAV HP Championship.
From tryouts, select players will be invited to attend the Iowa HP Individual Camp  Camp provides an exceptional experience for all of our attending athletes.  Athletes will train with the Regions' a high caliber coaching staff, where elite USA coaches will lead and top collegiate staff will assist.  Also at that camp (with the exception of our 2014 WJNT team which is selected directly from tryouts), our Iowa travel teams will be selected to compete at the USAV HP Championships! We are extremely proud of our history, our competitiveness and our affiliation within the National HP pipeline.  

Here is a brief explanation of the training opportunities for each age group:

Girls Youth National Team (GYNT) and Girls Select (GSEL): Players who want to be part of the Iowa HP program attend an HP tryout.  From the tryouts, the HP staff will select 40-50 players in each age group to attend the HP Camp in June.  At the HP Camp, 8-10 players in each age group will be selected to play on the Iowa HP travel team, and compete at the USAV HP Championships in July.

Future Select:  Players in the Future Select age group tryout with the regular GSEL age group for a spot at the GSEL camp.  From the Futures who are not selected for the 4-day GSEL camp, we will select 25-35 players to attend a one day Future Select camp in June.

Women's Junior National Team (WJNT):   Players in this age group attend tryouts to get a spot on the travel team.  ALL travel team players will be selected from tryouts for WJNT.  Travel team members will be required to attend 2 days of HP Camp in June (during the regular camp, exact dates subject to travel team player schedules).

Boys: Players attend tryouts to be selected for a spot on a travel team.  All travel team members attend the Iowa HP Camp in June, and compete at the Asics National Championships in June.  Players who do not make a travel team or who do not attend tryouts are also invited to attend the Iowa HP Camp in June.

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