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Scoring Clinics

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 Adults on Junior Rosters Instructions

EVERY ADULT on a roster MUST complete two parts to complete their Iowa Region referee/scoring certification for the 2013/14 season.  Your roster will not reflect that you have finished until you complete both parts.  You should finish both parts prior to your first tournament.  Beginning Feb. 1, tournament directors will be able to charge you for not having a certified adult referee on your roster. 


Attendees must view and finish the online Adult on a Junior Team-Referee Clinic AND the Adult on a Junior team-Scoring Clinic

  • Adults who will function as an R1 or R2 or scorekeeper at some point during the season must complete BOTH the online Referee and Scoring Clinic prior to viewing the webinar.
  • Adults who will ONLY function as a scorekeeper during the season only need to take the online Scoring clinic and view the webinar.

Instructions for taking the Online Adult on a Junior Team Clinic

Or if you prefer, click the icon below to watch an instructional video on how to sign up:



Every adult on a junior roster must complete ONE of the following three options:

  1. Attend a live clinic (see below for a list of available clinics).
  2. View the Iowa Region Webinar online.  This webinar will clarify rules new and old, work on court time management, crowd and bench control and how to fix a score sheet.
  3. Attend a 1 hour review session at the beginning of specified tournaments (use this option as a last resort, as it will not be offered at every tournament).


We are currently working on creating the webinar, and plan to have it finished by mid-November. 

Live Clinic:

To sign up for a live clinic, login to your USAV membership. Go to Region Events on the left side blue bars, hover over it, and select "Region Ref/Score Clinics." The live clinic will be listed as Live Officials Clinic - followed by the city . Select and register for the one you will attend. There is no cost involved.

Manchester, IA - Sunday Dec. 8, 1-4pm
Lambert Elementary
1001 Doctor Street
Manchester, IA  52057

Iowa City, IA - Monday, Dec. 9, 6:30-8:30pm
Iowa City West HS Cafeteria
2901 Melrose Ave
Iowa City, IA  52248 

To schedule a live officials clinic, contact the Iowa Region Office at 515-727-1860 or email Lynne Updegraff at  [email protected] or contact John Mauch [email protected]

Tournament Review Session:

We are creating a schedule for which tournaments we will provide this service at, and will post here as soon as it is finished.

New Scoring Procedures

Here are new scorekeeping updates for the 2012/13 season.

  1. Libero Serving: the libero can now serve for all levels of USAV play.  CLICK HERE for instructions on how to mark the libero serving on the score sheet.
  2. Hourglass Points: When playing 21-point sets at a tournament, the set will begin with a score of 4-4, and end at 25.  On the scoresheet, the first four (4) points for each team will be hourglassed prior to beginning the set.

Scoring Aids & Score Sheets

 Additional Materials - Practice & Examples

 Additional Materials - Scoring Sheets 

Junior Scoring Clinic Information

Junior players (18u and younger) do not have to attend a live scoring clinic.  They should individually take the Iowa Junior Player Scoring Clinic online.  Once they have completed the clinic, their USAV membership will be automatically updated and they will show as certified on their roster.

  • Note: a club may require that all junior members take the scoring clinic.  The Iowa Region requirement is that any players that will perform scoring duties have completed the clinic.
  • Note:  If a club runs a live clinic for it's junior member rather than have then do the online clinic, their attendance will NOT be noted in Webpoint and will NOT show up on your official roster
If you have already completed the Junior Player Referee Clinic Online, it also fulfills your Scoring requirements!  To receive credit and have your scoring certification reflected in your USAV membership and on your roster, you must register for the Iowa Junior Player Scoring Clinic through webpoint.  When you finish that process (Steps #1-#7 in the instructions below), your membership will be updated.

To take the Iowa Junior Player Scoring Clinic Online:

1) Register for the course through webpoint
2) Be sure to print a blank scoresheet to use during the clinic!
3) Take all clinics and quizzes (you can doing them all at once, or do one and come back at a later time to complete the rest).

Instructions for taking the Online Junior Scoring Clinic 

Or if you prefer, click the icon below to watch an instructional video on how to sign up:


Login Page for Scoring Clinics:

  • CLICK HERE to go to the login page for online referee/scoring clinics
  • NOTE:  If you have not already signed up for the clinic on Webpoint, you will not receive credit for courses you take through this link.  Please make sure you have also registered for the clinic on Webpoint.  Once you've done that, you can use this link to return to your courses and finish them at a later time.