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CAP Clinics

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Why: Coaching Education programs are a great way to boost your knowledge of Volleyball and you get to experience a great group of Instructors!

Who: Anyone can take the VCAP. CAP I requires a Indoor IMPACT. Anyone who is currently CAP I certified can take the CAP II.

General Information


The USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation Program (USAV-CAP) provides an opportunity for professional preparation and advancement for the volleyball coach. The curriculum addresses the essential topics for the volunteer and the internationally aspiring coach. Each course level includes a special emphasis on building the foundation and creation of a well-prepared coach. This knowledge coupled with hands-on coaching experience creates an ideal learning experience.


Any player who enters a volleyball program has the right to expect quality coaching and instruction. USA Volleyball's CAP program strives to present an on-going, progressive format in which coaches at all levels receive the most current information available on volleyball.

USAV-CAP instruction is based on sound principles in the areas of skills development, tactical systems, physical training, motor learning, sports psychology and administration.

USAV-CAP is intended to provide coaching standards for those administrators employing coaches to have a valid means for measuring the qualifications of a given volleyball coach. It is a continuous education process due to the dynamic nature of sport and technology.

The four solid corners of the program are integrity, education, commitment and enthusiasm. These are the qualities of any successful coach and program.

CAP Clinic Dates


·         VCAP:   Volleyball Conditioning Accreditation Program. This clinic is awesome! VCAP clinics are designed for those who have major responsibility for the conditioning of their volleyball teams, without access to a weight room.  Hands on topics include both on court and off court conditioning, court movement, evaluation, individualization, testing jump improvement, overtraining and injury prevention. 

More general course found on the USAVolleyball website and HERE.

·         CAP 1:   Coaching Accreditation Program, Level 1:  Acclaimed on court and in-classroom learning designed for both new coaches and those interested in beginning the CAP course program options (as this course is the prerequisite).  The emphasis of CAP Level I is on Teaching the Skills of the Game. Sessions include but are not limited to practicum in Teaching the Fundamental Skills (with Cadre feedback), Motor Skill Learning Theory, Coaching Principles/Foundations, Developing the Coaching Philosophy, the USAV Code of Ethics and Legal Duties, Drill Design and Implementation, Practice Preparation and Execution, Basic Offensive/Defensive/Serve Receive Organization Systems, etc. Additional Module topics may vary.   
More info found HERE.

·         CAP 2:   Coaching Accreditation Program, Level 2:   For all CAP Level 1 accredited coaches.    On-court and in-classroom hands-on learning. The emphasis of CAP Level II is on Organizing and Developing Team Play. Topics include but are not limited to Developing Guiding Principles, Developing Team Systems of Play, Building the Serve Receive Offense, Team Building: Effective Communication and Trust, Building Team Defense: Blocking and Floor Defense, the Challenge of Developing Out-of-Systems and Team Drills-Teaching the Systems. Additional Module topics will vary.  
More info found HERE.


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