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2014/15 Registration began September 2nd.

13/14 memberships lapsed on 10/31. In order to participate returning members need to use the Renew Membership link on the Registration page. New members to USA Volleyball need to use the New Member link. If transferring from another region contact the Region Office to get region affiliation changed PRIOR to renewing. If doing tryouts please check the membership options available on the Tryouts page.

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USAV Login - Manage your membership, change your address, email, etc, lookup your member ID, check your status, etc. Name, birthdate or gender correctons must be done by Region staff.

Registration Information

To participate in USA Volleyball sanctioned events participants much be registered. This provides both parties with protection concerning injuries, insurance and other matters. Individual memberships do not expire until October 31st every year; but can be renewed any time after September 1st.

Online Signature

Online signature acceptance is available for the membership waiver, code of conduct, background screening and the Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics. Adult Members and Parents/Guardians of Junior members will need the last four digits of their Social Security # or their drivers license number in order to be able to complete the online signature process.

General Membership Information

Background Screening - Any adults associated with a junior program and/or officiating or directing at junior events needing a background screening (renewal or new) needs to register & pay 1 to 2 weeks prior to participating so that their background screening can be completed.

All participants (or parent/guardian) - need to do their own registration so that the membership waiver acceptance is legally binding. The membership waiver acceptance requires the Adult or Parent/Guardian of the junior member to enter the last four digits of their Social Security # or their Driver’s License number (so have one of the two on hand before starting the process). You can pay online with a Visa or MasterCard as you complete the registration.

ALL ADULTS - affiliated with a junior program or working junior events must sign a USA Volleyball Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics. Electronic acceptance of this form will be included as you complete your online registration. The acceptance is initiated once you indicate you will be working with a junior club or officiating or directing at junior events. Junior age coaches (17 & Younger) will need to complete a hard copy of the Personnel Code of Ethics signed by them as well as their parent/guardian and mail or FAX it to the Region Office.

Participation - You must have a current membership prior to participating in any sanctioned event (including tryouts). A current membership includes having registered, paid and have a current background screening when required.

Members From Other Regions

Before renewing your Membership online, USAV members from other regions who want to become an Iowa Region member need to contact the Iowa Region office to have their region affiliation changed PRIOR to renewing.