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Iowa Volleyball Region

8170 Hickman Rd

Suite 5

Clive, IA 50325

Phone Numbers:

Main Office: (515) 727-1860

Fax: (515) 727-1861




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For Club Directors

Tryout Information forms

Commitment Dates for 2017-18 Season

The Club must keep this offer open for this player until the designated deadline

  • Nov. 8, 2017 for 14u and Younger
  • Nov 15, 2017 for 15u and Older


For Players

Selecting a Club

2017-18  Summer Tryout Dates - as of  7/12/17

  • Tryouts are posted by area of the region and alpha by club name. 
  • Most tryouts will begin around Oct. 5th for the younger players; and continue through Nov. 23rd.

  • If you don't find a club listed please check the 2016/17 Junior Clubs by Area list above to find contact info. 
  • Summer tryouts - new members should use the Junior Summer Membership at $15 and use Undecided for their club. They could then attend multiple tryouts or any sanctioned summer events, indoor or outdoor.

Current Memberships Needed for all Tryout Players and Staff
  • Every Player or Staff at a Tryout must be a current USA Volleyball member. 
  • Last season's current members can tryout or work up to
    October 31st using that membership.
  • Adult staff must have a current Background screening from last season or renew and apply for the screening at least 3 working days before the event.
Membership types for Tryouts
  • Last season's current members can tryout up to October 31st on previous membership.
  • Best Price for Multiple tryouts- the Oct/Nov Tryout membership at $15 (limited to 5 dates between 10/_ and 11/__), 
  • a One Day membership at $10 (may attend multiple tryouts on that date)
  • or a full Membership. - Not used often as not refundable
    FULL Members NO REFUNDS are given if the full membership is used and a player isn't selected for any club. 
  • Use UNDECIDED for club affiliation until you are selected by a club.
  • After a Tryout- to upgrade or renew membership 
    Login as a Returning Member and renew your membership.
    You will be able to select your club as you upgrade to a full member. (Tryout fee, $15-Oct/Nov or $10-One day, will apply to full membership fee.)

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New 2017-18 Tryout Rules and Recap.

     All clubs and players should read!