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Iowa Volleyball Region

8170 Hickman Rd

Suite 5

Clive, IA 50325

Phone Numbers:

Main Office: (515) 727-1860

Fax: (515) 727-1861




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    Junior Club Activation Form
    2017-18 Pre-Season Club Director Info
      Season Requirements & Information.
    Club Activating, Forms & Staff Requirements
Club Information 
    Basics for Forming a Club
     Iowa Region Handbook - on Forms page
    Template to make a Club Handbook    
     Club Director / Administrator Instructions 
        2017/18 instructions (posted 11/21/17)

      2016/17 Junior Teams by Club  as of 8/3/2017
     2016/17 Junior Teams by Level  as of 8/3/2017
  Club Member & Staff Forms
   USA Volleyball Website
   USAV Indoor Events/Qualifiers
   Concussion Management
   USAV Grassroots Drills, Ideas & Education


2017-18 Season Uniform Rules

       Video on Uniforms for 2017-18
         Uniform PDF
         USAV Logo on Uniform (Info) (Agreement)

Color Combinations

  • Colors such as purple/black, navy/maroon, dark green/black and white/yellow are not distinctive enough.
  • The test is whether a color blind person could tell the difference- you can use a red mylar film or camera on grey tones to see if they are distinct enough.

Uniform Numbers

  • Numbers Allowed:  1 to 99 using Arabic numerals. 
  • Not Allowed Numbers 0 & 00 
  • NOT allowed Duplicate numbers
  • Position: Uniform numbers must be centered both Horizontally and Vertically on the players Chest (stomach not included) and Upper back.
  • Size: It is Recommended that Numbers be 6” in height on the Chest and 8” on the Back. It is acceptable if number are 4” on the chest and 6” on the back.
  • Number Stripe must be solid and clearly contrasting the color of the jersey irrespective of any boarder around the number.

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